My Story

Hey, I'm Nick.

I’m many things but most of all, a builder.

I have been writing code for over a decade and had many roles ranging from software engineer to tech lead to engineering manager. I'm the technical advisor of some awesome startups too.

"Build something people love" is my motto.

And it's a powerful statement that leads to awesome products and fulfilling work. There's nothing better than seeing someone smile because of a thing you made.

I currently run where our mission is simple: to help software developers succeed.

We've got the tools and resources to streamline your projects. Plus, a treasure trove of tech wisdom waiting for you on our blog, with over 100 articles covering everything you need to know.

When I'm not actively building stuff you can sometimes find me on Twitter. Feel free to ask me a question any time.

Ready to dive in? Hit that join button for my newsletter below, and let's kickstart this adventure together. I'll see you on the inside!