How to sell anything online

The Online Sales Handbook

Many of us dream of sipping a cold beer on a white sand beach on a Tuesday afternoon. The reality is that's usually the middle of a workday for most of us nine-to-fivers and just not possible.

Unless... you take a deep dive into the topic of lifestyle design and, just briefly, consider what your life would be like if you were your own boss.

I want to tell you first of all, you absolutely can achieve this lifestyle.

I started my first profitable business in high school with no experience, no engineering skills, and anyone I talked to on the phone would hear a 17-year-old kid trying to sell them a product. Yet, somehow it worked.

So, I'm convinced ANYONE can build a profitable business.

Over the years I've refined my approach and spent a considerable amount of time in the startup and online business world.

And I want to continue building products and businesses that help people, but I also want to help people build products and businesses.

I want to share with you a quick handbook that will walk you through how I approach offering a product and making sales by building websites that are hyper-optimized to effectively convert traffic.

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